4 Channel RCA Video Booster

4 Channel RCA Video Booster
Item# CVSA-004
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Product Description

Are you sick of getting a washed out signal on the rear most screen of your car? Or do you easily want 4 monitors to show the same picture? This is what you need, a simple but effective video booster that splits one input signal into 4 output signals whilst maintaining the originals integrity. The 4 channels are all individually gain adjustable so you can make get your rear monitors to show the same looking picture as the front.

Manufacturer Specifications

Main Function: 4 Channel RCA Video Booster Video Input Level: 2 V (peak to peak) via RCA Video Output Level: 4 X Adjustable Channels at 0.5V to 1.5V via RCA Power Source: 12V DC Dimensions: 97mm x 22mm x 75mm (L x W x D) Manufacturer Ref: UVO49NYQNLRM Product Notes

Power LED Solid Metal Construction Multiple Mounting Holes Fused Power Lead Package Contents

Model CVSA-004 Manual Power Lead