FM/UHF/VHF Car TV Antenna

FM/UHF/VHF Car TV Antenna
Item# CVEJS-H100
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Product Description

FM/UHF/VHF Car TV Antenna - Receive superior TV and radio signals in your car with this powerful TV antenna. This new gadget helps has a simple wiring scheme and is super easy to install. You simply adhere the weather-resistant antenna to the outside of your car then run the connecting wire to your cars TV and power source. Simple as that!

Manufacturer Specifications

Product Description: Car TV Antenna Frequency (Mhz): 40-890Mhz Booster Gain: FM/VHF: 24-18 UHF: 17-11 Power Source: DC 12V (8.5-18V) Mini Earthing Fuse: 1 Amp Connection Outlet: 3.5mm (75) Length Of Cord: 6M Manufacturer Ref: 6VNU33JH1YOV Product Notes

Compact Design Compatible With All Types of Vehicles Weather Proof Design