Roof Mount LCD Monitor - 13.3 Inch Vehicle Display

Roof Mount LCD Monitor - 13.3 Inch Vehicle Display
Item# CVSI-1201
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Product Description

Roof mounted TFT LCD monitor with a large 13.3 inch display. This is a great video accessory for keeping the kids entertained, company vehicles that often escort guests, regular carpools, or just personal use. This ceiling mount LCD screen features 2 AV IN for connecting different video devices to the screen, including DVD players, video game player, rearview camera, etc. It has an IR audio transmitter, meaning it broadcast its audio signal to an IR receiver, such as your wireless IR headphones. Additional features for this roof mount include remote or button control and two built-in dome lights for night time conditions. This low priced vehicle AV system is easy to install with just a little know-how and works with both PAL and NTSC systems.

Manufacturer Specifications

Screen Information - Screen: 13.3 Inch TFT LCD - Video Color System: NTSC/PAL/Auto - Aspect Ratio: 4:3 - Resolution: 1024x768 Dimensions with screen up: 360mm x 305mm x 30mm (L x W x D) Dimensions with screen down: 360mm x 305mm x 270mm (L x W x D) Power Supply: 12V DC Input / Output - x2 Video IN - R/L Audio IN - IR Audio Transmitter Manufacturer Ref: FJI6K2LA3FVZ Product Notes

Touch Buttons or Remote Control For use with IR receiving headphones or other IR receiving audio devices Built in On/Off Dome Light Firm snap latch to keep monitor safe and flush with the housing Screen rests in housing (0 deg) and pulls down fully for viewing (90 deg) Screen rotates 30 deg left and 30 deg right when in down position Package Contents

Model CVSI-1201 Roof Mount LCD Monitor User manual Built in On/Off Dome Light AV/power cable with 2 RCA style video-in and 1 RCA style audio-in pair (left and right) Remote control Mounting hardware